Congratulate eBay Top Rated Seller

There is a lot of concern over the eBay Top-Rated Seller program, and today, I spoke with a Vendio Merchant/eBay Seller who liked the program and was benefiting from it, so with all the negatives being posted and discussed, I thought we should take a minute, look at the positives.

If you are a Top-Rated seller, congratulations!! In many cases this will mean that you have better exposure for your listings, fee discounts, a special top-rated seller search and an icon in your auctions.

If you are a Top-Rated Seller it probably means you offer exemplary customer service, have a great product at a great price and many repeat buyers.

I cringe at the discussions where it is suggested that folks who did not make the program harm these Top-Rated Sellers in any way. So I do hope THAT movement dies an early and quick death. I know that its hard NOT to be envious if you did not make the program, but I’m sure that harming other sellers is not action you should take to help yourself.

Now, if you are not a Top-Rated Seller, there are some things you can do. All is not lost! First, try to determine how you can improve your rating to become a Top-Rated Seller. Second, run auctions – Remember auctions still get a boost when they are ending. Another option is to NOT relist your items. Newly listed items with Fixed Price also get a boost. Free Shipping (if possible can still propel your listing upward) and make sure you comply with all eBay’s policies).

To qualify to be a Top-Rated seller, you’ll need 100 transactions and $3000 in sales in a 12 month period (which differs from the Tier based Power Seller Program as there is only one level). Additionally, you’ll need a low amount of 1s and 2s in your DSR ratings, comply with policy and maintain high DSRs.

We’ll probably see some changes to the program as wrinkles are worked out, but DSRs and Top Rated Sellers seem destined to be around for awhile, so take a deep breath and determine your strategy.

Happy Selling!

5 Responses to “Congratulate eBay Top Rated Seller”

  1. TheCheapSkirt Says:

    What of the thousands of sellers who qualify (myself included) that eBay has not invited into the program due to eBay’s technical issues?

    I had a badge for a month, which promptly disappeared on Oct 1. According to the program and my dashboard, I MORE than qualify.

    When I emailed eBay to inquire, I was told my account (1400+ feedback and member since 2000) does not exist. Yes, the same account that they just billed me for selling fees.

    Until they resolve their technical issues, I for one have little faith in what this badge represents.

  2. Kat C Simpson Says:

    thanks, Crystal – your words are appreciated :)

  3. John (ColderICE) Says:

    Though NOT a eTRS badged seller on our primary account, I do see the program as beneficial to those who qualify and congratulate them for being acknowledged with a seal.

    The thought that others would deny families their means to feed themselves and their children, in this economy, by INTENTIONALLY harming the reputations of their fellow man is DEPLORABLE!

    I am sure there is a special place in eternal damnation for people that would seriously engage in that type of behavior. I guess this “terroristic’ manner of thinking is similar to flying a plane into a building of innocent people to make a point.

    John (ColderICE)

  4. Consignment Pal Resale Directory Says:

    A number of eBay Trading Assistant consignment sellers, who sell for others on consignment, have made the “Top Rated Seller” cut also. Congrats to you all!!!

    Thanks for the tips also.

  5. Nick Says:

    The top rated seller is poorly design, I can make any seller lose there top rated seller status very easily. You just buy two of there cheapest item and leave them low rating and the top rated status is gone. My competitor did that to me and I did that to them and it work.