Research Proves That Procrastination Is Triumphant This Halloween Season

It’s days before Halloween, and you don’t have a costume picked out. Been there. Done that. And, I am there again. You would think that some type of experiential learning would kick in, but you would be wrong. I am the kid who touched the hot stove, got burned, and then touched it again because the flame looked cool. Fortunately, all of us pyrotechnics and procrastinators are in luck. There is still a great selection of costumes from which to choose; and we will probably be paying less than that super organized, forward-looking friend we all have. You just need to buy it on eBay. Well, that is if you don’t want to dress as a fire fighter. After looking at eBay sales data for 10 typical Halloween costumes, eBay market research shows that all but the fire fighter decreased in price or stayed relatively constant in price after the Halloween season began.

So in case you procrastinated and are still looking for a costume, it’s good news. Laziness trumps zeal! Now make haste and buy that designer Mickey Mouse costume at half off; you will not be taken the cleaners – unless you really want to be a fire fighter (more on this later).
What if you are in the business of selling costumes? There obviously has to be something to it if all those “scary” costume stores keep on opening up temporarily every year. It doesn’t appear that there is much of a premium being created by the Halloween season. In fact, it almost looks as though merchants are going to get a lot less for their merchandise compared to months prior. That’s not really where the money is to be made. More people want costumes and more people are willing to satisfy that desire to be Edward Cullen or Jack Sparrow for one night – or even a few…

Buyers get their costumes at little to no mark up, and sellers make a ton of money off of volume. It’s win-win for all parties involved, except if you bought your costume months ago or want to be a fire fighter. In the case of the premature purchase, you are out some cash. However, in the case of the fire fighter, there is a silver lining. Reliable female sources agree that fire fighters are hot, and the trending shows that there has been limited fire fighter sales volume. Presume the trending applies to the general population and do the math:

Step 1
(Perceived Hotness) X (Low Expected Rate of Competition from Other Fire Fighters)) =
(Higher Expected Perceived Hotness!!!)

Step 2
(Higher Expected Perceived Hotness!!!) => (Increased Fair Market Value)

Looks like I will be accepting that Nobel Economics Prize decked out in full fire fighter gear. If you would like to learn more about eBay transaction data concerning Halloween or anything else, check out Vendio Research. It was used to populate the graphs above by analyzing millions of eBay transactions and can provide strategic eBay research recommendations on when and how to sell items most profitably on eBay.

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