Consumers Wrongly Fall for the Slimmer, Sexier PS3

Sony announced this past week that the sales of the PS3 more than doubled to nearly 500,000 units last month. The increase comes most notably after a $100 price drop and the release of a new slimmer design. Now priced at $300, the aptly named PS3 Slim consumes less power and houses a 120 GB hard drive. The bigger hard drive and pricing are obviously working to increase sales, but should consumers have thrown down for the diet?

$300 is significantly cheaper than the $600 people had to shell out for the 60 GB when Sony first released the PS3. The Slim also comes with a hard drive that is twice as big and will be lighter on your electric bill. However, there now is a very big secondary PS3 market. In particular, the 40 GB version of the PS3 is still sold actively on eBay. It will play all the same games, DVDs, and Blu-rays as the Slim, so no core functionality is missing.

More importantly, its price has been affected dramatically by the announcement and release of the new 120 GB version. On August 18, Sony announced the new version. Since that date, a 40 GB PS3 has been selling for $132 on average, which is down from $177 pre-announcement. That’s $168 less than the new 120 GB Slim. If those extra gigs aren’t needed, which for many people they won’t be, those saving can equate to quite a few extra games or controllers and then some. So is Slim really better? Based on the eBay market research, fatter is sometimes better.

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