A Simple Method to Create New Orders

We’ve all had them. Customers who want to place a phone or email order because an item has ended or you just happen to have a requested item. The Vendio Platform has an easy method to create on-the-fly orders keeping your inventory accurate and sold items and sales history up-to-date.

Under My Items, select New>Order. Creating an order from My Items will create an order and process the item through Sold Items as if it were purchased directly on market or in your Vendio store.
Steps to Create a New Order

  • Step One: Select the item by placing a check by the product and selecting New>Order.
  • Step Two: Enter additional information, such as transaction date and package size and click the continue button.
  • Step Three: Enter the Buyer name, email address and select the correct profiles to apply to this order.
  • Step Four: Select how to handle the buyer communication by selecting
    • Email Checkout Reminder to the Buyer
    • Email an Invoice to the Buyer
    • Mark this order as paid

Any orders created from My Items will be populated into your Sold Items and you can process them as you do any other order.

So..Go ahead, take those phone and email orders. It’s that simple!!

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