Putting Control into the Hands of Online Merchants

Do you hate long listing forms and having to scroll past fields that you don’t use?

Vendio Create Items can be completely customized to match the needs of each individual seller. Each section on the Create Items page features fields that can be added or removed at any time, allowing the form to be simple or complex based on your selling needs. Additionally, each section can be saved and reused for maximum efficiency.

Understanding a few key concepts of the Vendio Platform can help you as you move through setting up and using Create Items to your fullest potential.

Complete Customization
Each section in Create Items is completely customizable. Clicking on the gear icon (located on the top right-hand side of each section’s title bar) to add or remove fields allows you to create your own customized listing form.

Multiple Market Information
Item info is the “core” information about your product that can be used in multiple marketplaces. For example, after you have added an image to the Item Info section, selecting “Inherit from Item Info” when creating an eBay item will “inherit” the image from the Item Info section. Conversely, if you wanted a different image for your eBay listings, you would uncheck “Inherit from Item Info” to add the alternate image.

Re-Usable Profiles
Profiles are segments of listing information that you pre-define and use when creating items. Each profile can be named and saved and will be available in the profile drop-down menu.

No “Downtime” for items

Items that are not committed to a market can automatically be available for purchase in your FREE Vendio Store. For example, if you have listed an item to eBay, and it ended without a sale, the item will automatically be available for purchase in your Vendio Store until you recommitted the item to a market (relisted the item).

All in all you have complete control over you own workspace. If there is one thing we have learned is that each seller is uniquely different and you need to have control in your own hands!

Happy Selling!!

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