What Happens to the eBay Market on March 31st?

There is much speculation about how the SR1 changes will affect the eBay Marketplace The upcoming changes have fueled much speculation about what happens when eBay flips the switch and the new changes are enacted. However, the real impact will not be known for quite some time and any initial results may not a good arbiter of the success or failure of future item sales.

There are two changes which should produce the largest impact – The free 100 (under $1.00 listings) and the addition of store inventory into the “core”.

No matter what strategy you adopt, it may take months to really get a feel for how the market performs for you.

If you are initially taking advantage of the free listings by starting the bidding on your items at 99 cents, there is a big risk, but also increased bidding could also produce big rewards. Many sellers I’ve spoken with are contemplating sending out trial balloons and listing a few items at the 99 cents. Ultimately, the real proof is in the long term and not the initial rush (or dearth) of bidding.

If you are contemplating taking advantage of the free listings on a permanent basis, you’ll probably want to discard the data for the first month or until the market stabilizes.

It could be discouraging if you list expensive items at 99 cents and they do not get bids or only get a few. However, the initial competition, plus the addition of ALL the store inventory into the eBay Marketplace may skew your initial results. Conversely, bidders knowing that there is going to be a ton of 99 cent listings and larger selection may show up with their eyes big and their wallets open.

The other change is the addition of Store Inventory into the core eBay Market. Your initial results, again, may not be accurate in the long term and will likely take much longer to determine as the low cost (with “store subscription”) may lead to permanent listings which never sell and are never removed by the seller. Consider evaluating your strategy in 3-6 months. This should give you a very good idea of how your items are performing and what strategy will work best for your business.

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