Updating Your Online Security Knowledge

Okay, online security is boring. I’ve probably read the advice (and not taken) about changing passwords frequently a million times over the years.

I’ve never succumbed to the lottery or Nigerian scams. Have up-to-date virus software and so far (knock on wood) remained unscathed.

On Guard Online, a federal government website has some great information about scams, online auctions (for sellers and bidders) and a multitude of other current and up-to-date scams.

There is not a lot of reliable up-to-date information on online fraud and scams. Identify theft seems to have the most widely publicized statistics, with currently over 10 million Americans each year are victims of some type of identity theft.

My resolution is to spend some time on my Online Security. While not trying to sound like Chicken Little – Its always the thieves that get smarter and smarter as they learn from their past successes. I’ve not fallen victim yet, and I think I’m going to keep it that way but spending a bit of time to make sure that I am secure by updating my own security knowledge.

I hope you will too!!

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