Why doesn’t Google like me?

Google Product search can be a finicky partner to dance with. Sometimes you’ll get stood up and sometimes you’re the bell of the ball.

Sellers can never know the ins and outs of the Google algorithms, but there are some rules of thumb to try and get Google to like you. You might want to try flirting. Try to submit one or two items to get the feed to recognize and like you.


1. Don’t use all capitals in your titles and don’t use any characters other than your title (avoid hyperbole ((wow)) and extra characters $!!!-).
2. Don’t use copyrighted text in your descriptions – it’s so much better if you write your own descriptions.
3. Don’t put anything in the title that is not related to the product (free shipping, etc)
4. Don’t have anything non-product related in your description (bid now, buy with confidence). Your description should be just your product information and details.
5. Always specify condition.

If you are still stuck and can’t figure out why you just can’t coax Google to accept your feed, you can read more here

If you have not submitted your feed to Google, go to Channels>Comparison Shopping and get started!

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