eBay Changes Position on Feedback Filtering

eBay recently reversed a long-standing policy of not offering feedback and began offering the ability to sort a sellers feedback by positives, negatives and neutrals.

Surprisingly, this may impact the larger sellers much more than smaller casual sellers. When reviewing the feedback of large sellers who had over 1000 negatives, I could not find any who had responded in their feedback to any of the comments.

This may not give buyers confidence in the larger sellers. However, in order to respond to each feedback, it would require additional time that large eBay sellers may not have.

Without a response the comments of “didn’t get my item” or “show shipping” may have an impact on large seller sales.

Interestingly, it does seem that the smaller sellers may also face an unforeseen negative impact. If they have commented to any neutrals or negatives in the past and the response is less than professional, it may end up impacting sales as well.

With any eBay change, there will probably be sellers who benefit and sellers who do not benefit.

Tips for Negative Feedback Responses

  • State only the facts (“media mail is slower than priority mail”)
  • Do not call the buyer names (“Stupid buyer doesn’t know media mail takes longer than priority”)
  • Do not argue with the buyer (“You are wrong, media mail does take more time”)
  • Apologize, (“media mail is slower, apologies for the slow arrival”)
  • Take the blame and state the issue if it is your fault (“Shipped 2 days late, unforeseen circumstances, apologies”)
  • Remain professional not matter how outrageous the comment. (“seller is a thief and a liar, should be in jail”. Response – “We pride ourselves on our product and service. Buyer did not contact for assistance”).

Remember, once the negative is left, you are not dealing with the original customer, you are dealing with an audience, so don’t phrase your comments to the one buyer, but to the thousands of potential buyers.

And as always, feel free to add your comments, feedback experience or feedback tips!

Happy Selling!

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  2. Hillary Says:

    One thing I have always done is: write your follow-up as if you are writing it for the prospective buyer who is looking at it, not for the customer who left the feedback.

    So, instead of “You wanted a refund and I gave it and you still left a neg, you jerk!”

    It’s more like: “Buyer requested a refund and we granted a full refund even without return.”

    This way even if the upset buyer writes something else, the prospective future buyers are seeing your measured resolution to the issue which speaks louder than insane rambling.

    Hillary from http://thewhineseller.com