Keywords on eBay, I mean, eBay AdCommerce is gone…

In 2008, we blogged that eBay Keywords (dropped in 2006) were back as eBay AdCommerce.

Now it seems that the eBay AdCommerce program is on its way out.

Each program lasted a couple years and did benefit those who took advantage of the program.

Ebay did offer the standard list of best practices to ensure maximum exposure of your items, with the removal of Featured First and other paid marketing features, the only way to “get exposed” on eBay is to be a top-rated seller.

If you are not a top-rated seller, the options are auctions or having the lowest price or some other major drawing factor (still not a guarantee of being seen) in fixed price.
While not every type of merchandise lends itself to easily obtaining and maintaining top-rated seller status, to sell in fixed price it is almost an imperative to be top-rated.

With the push to highlight top-rated sellers and the removal of programs that could highlight non top-rated sellers, one wonders if this will also translate over to the auction search at some point.

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