Vendio Launches Free Item Condition Reviser for eBay

In order to help sellers comply with the new eBay item condition rules, Vendio has launched a free easy-to-use reviser that can revise the condition of your live eBay items based on the new required condition.

This is available by logging into your Vendio account and selecting Channels > Revise. This does require a Vendio account as you will need to log in and set an eBay token so that we can make these changes on your behalf.

You can set your eBay tokens by selecting the Preferences link (top-right) and selecting “channels” from the drop down menu. If you do not have a Vendio account, you can sign up for any premium or free service in order to access the special reviser.

Note that Revisions to your live items on eBay are not automatically reflected in your inventory item definitions on Vendio. You will need to edit the condition field in these item definitions before future launches.

Below, we’ve added instructions to help you use the new Item Condition Reviser

Log into your account and select Channels>Revise

1. Find & Revise
Find the items where you want to change the item condition by selecting the Find and Revise button.

2. Find Items to Revise (by Category)
The easiest way to find and replace for the Item Condition reviser is to revise by category.
If you do not know your category number, select choose and find your category.

3. Find Items to Revise (by Other Conditions)
Find items that contain any or all of specific conditions you define.

For example, find all my items that have “Blue AND Ring” in the title or find ANY of my items that have either “Blue” OR “Ring” in the title.

4. Available “Find” Fields
Find item by any of the fields displayed in the drop down menu. Find fields are also depicted below.

5. Select the Category
After you have defined the conditions you are using to locate the items to revise, you will need to select the category for the Revise field.

Because all item condition values are category-specific, please enter choose your category FIRST. Once the category is entered, the item condition menu will populate.

6. Select the New Condition
Once the condition menu is populated, you can select the new condition.

7. Review your Revisions
Review your revisions by clicking Review.

8. Revise Your Live eBay Items.
Click the Revise button to finalize the revisions of your live eBay items.

NOTE: Revisions are not instant, and depending on the volume of listings it can take a few hours to complete.

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