Happy Halloween from Vendio!

Vendio 2010

Here at Vendio, we certainly work hard and play hard.  Halloween is one of our favorite holidays and we go all out – the office is decorated in a slew of webbing, spiders, scary monsters, and bloody hand prints.  This year, we had a equally delicious and morbid potluck theme:  bring your last meal on earth.

And, of course, what’s a good party without a few games, contests and prizes? We had six different categories: most funny, cute & creative costume, tastiest, cheesiest and “saddest/most lame excuse for your last meal”.  Yours truly won the last category – hey, I think McDonald’s french fries & chicken nuggets is a perfectly fine last meal.

Lastly, we had a pumpkin carving contest.  Though in the end, our dev team won the grand prize for CODING (see, work…play…same thing to these guys) a new “beta” product, I would love to know who you think should have won.  Leave a comment or send us a tweet.

QA Pumpkin

Ops Team Pumpkin (Husky Howloween)

Marketing Pumpkin

Marketing Team - Alibaba Logo (spot the joke & we'll send you a prize)

CS Pumpkin

Customer Service Team - Husky face (hmm, trying to sway the contest judge aka husky mom?)

PM Pumpkin

PM Team (spooky Dealio and Vendio logos)

Finance Pumpkin

Finance Team (sad 49'ers)

Dev Pumpkin

Dev Team (You had to be here to see it in action...pretty nifty)

Have a safe and spooky Halloween!

The Vendio Team (including our Chief Morale Officers… Angelus & Storm)


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