Protecting Your eBay DSRs

It seems that recently there has been a spate of eBay account suspensions and restrictions and when I delve in and read the rhymes and reasons it seems that it may be a good time to explore some methods of protecting the coveted high DSR score.

A disclaimer in advance. Not all suggestions will work for all sellers and even if you do everything on the below list, it might not change a thing.
This is all about protecting your eBay account.

Suggestion 1: Shipping Weight
Vary your product between heavy and light. If you sell concrete blocks that cost a lot to ship and you have to charge shipping and you find that you get low DSRs for shipping cost, stop selling concrete blocks and sell feathers with free shipping until your DSRs pick up. Then, to maintain the “good” DSR, interject a few concrete blocks with your feathers. If you notice the DSR going down – pull the concrete off the market. Repeat.

Suggestion 2: Shipping Time
Walk like an elephant. It is not possible to sell on eBay and ship once a week. The buyer doesn’t care if you have to walk 25 miles uphill in 10 feet of snow to get the item to the post office and you can have flashing red text in your listing, if you do not ship the same day or next day, you’re DSRs will suffer.
If you personalize your products and it takes time to do that, it may be time to look at a new product line to balance your DSRs (vary products the same as suggestion 1).

If you can only ship on weekends, make sure you end all your items Thursday or Friday. Most of them will pay and you’ll just have to content with and over communicate with the stragglers.

Suggestion 3: Shipping Method
Media mail pricing is excellent. Media mail shipping time not so excellent. If your items typically ship media mail and you find your DSRs for shipping time suffering, again, you might want to vary products until your DSRs pick up and you can begin introducing media shipped items again.

You’ll notice that I didn’t suggest shipping priority. If and only if you can offer free priority mail would this help. You’re shipping cost DSRs would likely go down if you charged for priority when an item could ship media (yes, you can say catch-22)

Suggestion 4: Category Competitive
Buyers tend to buy the same type of product. If you sell baseball cards, and everyone in that category is offering free shipping, your DSRs will probably suffer if you are charging shipping. Remain competitive by making sure that when you are selling in a category that you observe what is “normal” and then try to beat it. If you are selling in a category where you are constantly getting hammered, try varying the type of merchandise you sell.

Suggestion 5: High Risk Items
If you are selling high risk items, such as used electronics, liquidation items, etc. You’ll have to test them first. Its almost impossible to sell “as-is, where-is”. Even if you are selling an IPAD for $5.00 in unknown condition, the buyer is going to be mad if it doesn’t work like a brand new product. Test your items and describe them accurately. It is okay to say “for parts only” and “item does not work”, but you might find even that is not enough. Again, the theme is; vary the type of merchandise you sell.

The suggestions above tend to focus on what you are selling, vs. how you are selling. Right now, some products are just hard to sell and maintain pristine DSRs. Put your high-risk, heavy items off eBay (try out a free Vendio store) or vary your product line (try AliExpress by logging into your Vendio account and clicking on “Sourcing” to get some easier-on-the-DSRs wholesale products to vary your product line and please email for assistance with sourcing, we have a great program that helps sellers get started with sourcing). Use Vendio Research to scope out the competition and make sure you are on par with what is begin offered in the category where you sell.

I don’t know if it holding onto good DSRs will get easier over time or more difficult, but one of the benefits of being small to medium sized merchants is that you can be more nimble and this may just be what makes the difference in the long run.

Happy Selling !

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