It’s Holiday Selling Tips Time

Its that time of year again (where does the time go) where online sellers are busy, busy, busy. Here’s a few tips to help you get through the holiday season.

1. Consider the last date you can ship and think about offering expedited shipping to extend your holiday selling season and to assist your customers.

2. Offer free shipping. It gets you more exposure in eBay search results, and buyers are searching for sellers who offer it. If you are charging shipping, consider which shipping method to send to eBay first (cheap or fast).

3. List your items as three-day auctions. This will give you additional opportunity to sell more items.

4. Make sure the keywords and the categories for your listings are optimized. Vendio Research can help you determine both.

5. Run a clearance sale to attract more customers and to reduce end of year inventory. This can be done now, not just the last week of the year.

6. Email your customers to wish them a happy holiday season. This increases their loyalty, and you can use the opportunity to inform them about sales and offers. If you do not have a customer list, there is no time better than now to start one.

7. Include a holiday card in your package. This may pay off in repeat customers and higher DSRs.

8. Prioritize your listing time. Make sure that you don’t spent a lot of time listing lower priced items. If you have a choice of products to list, make sure you get your expensive items listed.

9. Take advantage of eBay’s ongoing listing promotions. However, be careful when listing items at 99 cents unless you are sure they will receive multiple bids.

10. Take a breath. It’s a whirlwind time of year, and it is important to spend time with friends and family. So don’t forget to put a bit of “me time” on your calendar.

If you have tips to share on how you get through the holiday season, please share!!

Happy Selling!!

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