eBay Listing Promotion Specials Continue

This holiday season, eBay has stepped up the number of listing promotions. Each week, there seems to be a new promotion and this week is no exception.

Auction-Style insertion fees are $.25 cents regardless of start price from November 30th to December 2nd. These promotions are a real benefit both to eBay (who can attract higher priced items), and sellers (who are able to list higher end merchandise for less).

Now is a great time to add additional inventory to eBay – not only do you have the ongoing 100-free listings per month (non-store sellers), you have the added incentive to list higher priced items at a fraction of previous listing fees..and it’s the holiday selling season!!

For more details about this promotion, you can view the eBay $.25 Auction-style Insertion fees page.

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