Vendio Acquires SingleFeed

We are happy to welcome SingleFeed to the Vendio family. SingleFeed is a comparison shopping engine feed management and analytics company that enables top online merchants to submit, manage, and optimize product listings on more than 18 top comparison shopping engines starting from a single set of product details. The acquisition of SingleFeed fits Vendio’s core mission: to enable merchants to sell to anyone, easily. SingleFeed strengthens the ability for Vendio and Auctiva merchants to reach tens of millions of online shoppers who use comparison shopping engines to purchase products online. To read the full release, please click here.

What benefits can SingleFeed provide?
Merchants who want to use comparison shopping engines face multiple challenges. SingleFeed helps merchants optimize their use of these engines by saving time and driving more cost effective leads.

  • Each shopping engine requires its feed to be formatted in a unique way. With SingleFeed, merchants only need to create and maintain a single set of product details (a data feed). SingleFeed automatically maps this single data feed to all the unique requirements of supported shopping engines. Data feeds often require dozens of different fields that are usually programmatically generated. SingleFeed provides technology and expertise that checks for and removes feed errors and enhances product visibility in each engine. SingleFeed provides easy to understand feedback that self-service merchants can use to improve or correct data feeds.
  • Paid comparison shopping engines have some risks that merchants can exceed budgets because of low ROI or poor product visibility due to lower placements. SingleFeed offers a complete solution that will not only create, but also optimize and analyze data feeds. SingleFeed’s technology and team of experts help merchants optimize products in each engine to gain better placement and ROI.

How will new and existing SingleFeed customers be affected?
SingleFeed will continue to operate as an independent brand and will grow and maintain existing relationships and additional partnerships. SingleFeed values its existing relationships with top online merchants and will continue to offer the high level of service that they expect. Existing and new customers will benefit from additional investments that will expand and enhance SingleFeed’s existing services, primarily in the areas of analytics, automation, and supported channels.

How will the SingleFeed acquisition benefit Vendio and Auctiva customers?
Vendio will seamlessly integrate SingleFeed services into its multi-channel ecommerce platform and will offer preferred pricing. Auctiva, Vendio’s sister company, will also offer the same custom integration to their hosted storefront (Auctiva Commerce) users. The first ingration phases will start to roll-out later this year.

Interested in learning more about SingleFeed?
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