Vendio Welcomes Socialflavor

To say it’s been a busy week is an understatement.  Yesterday, we announced the acquisition of SingleFeed.   Today, we’re proud to introduce Socialflavor, the newest member of the Vendio family. Socialflavor is a new consumer website that helps you connect with people whose interests overlap yours.

Vendio’s core mission remains unchanged.  We want to enable online merchants to sell to anyone, easily.  In order to better serve our 90,000+ online merchants, we often think like the end users, consumers.  What do they want, and what can we improve for them?  With this in mind we cultivate innovation and incubate great ideas so that they can evolve into products that positively impact consumers.

Q:  How can we find people who like the same things we do?

A:  Socialflavor.

One of the biggest challenges of today’s fast-paced social world is just that, the speed.  There are so many ways to connect online; and in trying to keep up, we gloss over the basic but necessary catalyst that helps to build real relationships – shared interests.  We built Socialflavor to create a simple way to connect with people based on things they have in common.  The key is simplicity.  There’s no profile to fill out or personal information to provide.  All your need to do is log-in through Facebook, and we’ll show you the people whose interests overlap yours.

We made Socialflavor open to the public yesterday and celebrated with a bottle of bubbly.  So check out Socialflavor, and let us know what you think.  Cheers and enjoy!

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