Vendio’s New Enhanced Bulk Editing Features

Vendio is pleased to announce the addition of new features and bulk editing enhancements to the My Items page:

1. New Quick Edit Mode

The new Quick Edit mode allows you to make changes directly on the table.

To use the new quick edit mode, double click in a cell an make any changes. Once you have made changes, click on the SAVE button to save your changes.

(Using quick edit, you can easily update your item titles to take advantage of eBay’s new 80 character title limit for future launches to eBay).


New Bulk Edit Panel
The new Bulk Edit Panel offers you many bulk edit options for editing your items in bulk. Select your items by filtering, then selecting them by click on the checkbox to the left of the items you want to edit (or you can select all your filtered results by clicking on the checkbox at the top).

Once you have selected your items, click on the Bulk Editor Panel on the left. You can then make any changes in bulk, including setting sales prices for your Vendio store items and much, much more! There are dozens of new bulk edit fields that you can use to bulk edit items, quickly and easily!

3. New Filtering and Sorting

Filters are available for the columns to make finding and editing items simple and fast. Just begin typing what you are looking for and the items matching your entry will begin appearing. You can also select operators to make searching faster.

In addition, you can sort ascending and descend in a column by double clicking on the column header, then clicking on the arrow. Don’t forget, you can use Show Columns to show only columns that pertain to your business.

We hope you enjoy the new editing features and functionality available now on the My Items page. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

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