Introducing the winner of our Blogging Contest

Good News Readers! We have selected the Winner of our Blogging Contest. And the winner is……Jessica Kupferman.

Congratulations goes out to Jessica (who likes to be called Jess) who will now be a frequent blogger for Vendable. To read more about Jess, check out her impressive BIO.

We had a lot of great entries and want to thank all those who entered!


Below is her winning entry (and you can see why we were unanimous in our decision to select Jess as our winner).

The Winning Entry:


Vendio – The New Kid at School
As a “web tech” type gal, I get the opportunity to help clients with a lot of different types of projects. Because of this, I get to experiment with all different types of products. E-commerce is a great example. Many clients come to me with a store already on a platform that they need me to configure. Mostly I’m configuring storefronts, but sometimes I am inputting products as well. And it’s because of this experience that I can advise future clients on which product is right for them.

For example, the Ecwid storefront is very LARGE. The type is large, the photos are large, and the shopping bag icon, etc. are all large. If my clients’ audience is an older crowd, sometimes I recommend that store. Yes, I can change the code on the back end to make it smaller or fit it to any specification, but out of the box, Ecwid is a great solution for them.

Shopify is a very feature-rich solution. They have so many features, in fact, that unless you have worked with it in the past, it can be downright impossible to find what it is you need to do, even for the most tech savvy. (a.k.a ME) Just finding where to change something simple like header color took me 20 minutes for a client. I tend not to recommend this service, and when a client comes to me with a project already in there, I know it’s going to be time-intensive.

WP e-Commerce is a nice solution if clients want a website and store solution all in one. I really only design WordPress sites these days, and I like the idea of clients being able to manage everything all in one spot. The downside there is that if something goes wrong on the server, or within the WordPress site, the store could be wiped…whereas keeping the store separate means you could still get business even if the site itself breaks somehow.

Today I saw a new solution I had never seen before, Vendio. What’s amazing about this solution so far, at least for THIS gal, are the following: they allow you to make a store just based on what’s already on eBay or Amazon; and 2. they allow you to upload your own code to design the site. I’ve never seen a solution with either of those features, and for a designer/digital business consultant, those are both game changers for me. It DOES also allow for sales on Facebook – something I only remember seeing from Ecwid.

Vendio is hiring an e-commerce writer and I think I’d be the perfect person to write about e-commerce for them. Having had experience actually struggling through different issues with Ecwid, WP e-Commerce, Shopify, eBay, CafePress, Zazzle, and more, I can offer a point of view different than the average blogger, because I’m actually in the trenches on a regular basis, trying to configure these products for clients.

My mission, as it is with my business, would be to help readers with honesty and integrity, and hopefully they’ll be able to benefit from my experience and expertise. Because the products are not even half of what needs to be considered when choosing an e-commerce solution that’s right for them.

What type of e-commerce solutions are YOU currently using, and what do you like or dislike about them? Have you heard of Vendio? If so, what do you think? Comment below and let me know!

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