Tips for “Good SEO” in Your Store

One great way to drive traffic to your Vendio site is by utilizing correct search engine optimization (SEO). A lot of people talk about “good SEO” and many times, business owners don’t know what it means, or if they do, they have no way of knowing how to make it “good.”

Good SEO is all about text. Text for being found in search engines. It can’t be any text though – it has to be the RIGHT text. The right text is the text that your customers are using to find similar products to yours. T shirts – or funny T shirts – or comfortable T shirts – those are common but there are ways of narrowing your keywords and phrases down so people can find you. Getting your eCommerce site listed high in search engines such as Google will bring valuable hits to your site. The traffic generated by SEO is normally very targeted, for example if someone searches for the name of your products, and your site come up as the top listing, the user that is going to be visiting your site is likely to be very interested purchasing. And those are the customers we want, right?

Maximize Descriptions

Sometimes the tendency is to be cute and clever in naming your products or categories. This can be a big mistake for search engines. Search engines deploy software robots to search the internet looking for pages, they are normally referred to as Spiders. Spiders love text, the more and more relevant the text on your site is, then higher your chances of getting listed high in search engines. Make sure your product and category descriptions are as in-depth as they can be, but keep in mind that your descriptions are going to be read by people who want to buy the products, so don’t make them full of gibberish just so that there is text for the spiders. Accurate and detailed product descriptions have also been shown to increase the likelihood a customer will make a purchase from your store.

You want to include important keywords or phrases that your customers may search for. There’s a great (FREE) tool from Google where you can input a keyword, and a list of other, similar phrases will come up, giving you great ideas of what everyone is searching for besides what you think.

Alternative Descriptions and Titles

Including alternative descriptions and titles for the product images is a good idea as well. Believe it or not, spiders can find the alternative image text information and captions, so don’t leave out any opportunity to get in some more keywords! Use the keyword research tool to find what descriptions people are searching for and give you a good idea which descriptions and titles to choose. Don’t forget, the more text, the better!

Once you’ve got everything named appropriately, start posting those products on your social media sites! Facebook is being indexed by Google, so any posts you’re putting on your Facebook page should be picked up by search engines. Choose your favorite product of the week and highlight it, or have a monthly discount and use Facebook to drive traffic to your store. The more you post on social media, the higher up you are on the search engines, and the more traffic will be driven to your site.
Your homework is to do a Google search for your products and see if you can find them in the search results. If you can, well done! If not, try to employ some of the above tips and let us know in the comments below how effective they are. You won’t see immediate results, but of course we’re interested to know your experience!

About our Guest Blogger
Jessica Kupferman, Vendio’s Guest Blogger (and winner of our Blogging Contest) is a creative and engaging expert branding specialist, speaker, and gifted social media strategist and designer. Always plugged in to the latest developments and best practices in the industry, you can read more about Jess here.


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