Is Valentine’s Day a Holiday to “Sell To?”

All retailers know that ‘The Season’ is the Christmas selling season. Some eCommerce retailers report they take in 75% of their revenue during the 4th quarter even. For the purposes of this article, I’m including everything from Halloween (Oct 31) thru New Year’s Day (Jan 1) into this one season.

And then there are the ‘little’ Holidays. Such as Valentine’s Day, Easter, St. Patrick’s Day, etc. Specialty retailers can count on significant sales during these times. For example, a lingerie boutique or jeweler counts Valentine’s Day among its most profitable. Perhaps a bakery or confectioner counts Easter as a large profit center also. Hallmark type gift stores, of course, decorate and sell products for EVERY holiday up to and including Ground Hog Day :)

Don’t think we are talking small $$ for these ‘small’ holidays, either. According to the National Retail Federation’s 2011 Valentine’s Day Consumer Intentions and Actions Survey, conducted by BIGresearch, the average person will shell out $116.21 on traditional Valentine’s Day merchandise this year, up 12.8 percent over last year’s $103.00. Total holiday spending is expected to reach $15.7 billion.

With that said, where does this leave the generalist seller? Those who have a “little bit of everything” in their eCommerce inventory. Don’t despair! Just because you don’t sell candy, roses or jewelry doesn’t mean you can’t participate.

Here is a list, courtesy of Lisa Suttora of What Do I Sell, of FORTY-TWO items you can source and sell for Valentine’s Day. I know it is TOO late for you to capitalize on Valentine’s Day 2012 but I wanted you to start thinking differently about all the ‘small’ holidays on the calendar. Most of the items below can be tweaked and used for Easter, St. Patrick’s Day or even, Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day (Yes that is a ‘real’ holiday now). Consider, plan and let me know what you think!

1. His and her Valentine’s Day Pillowcases
2. Valentine themed bedding, towels, bathmats
3. Sweetheart Sing-A-Ma-Jigs
4. Happy Valentine’s Day signs (indoor décor)
5. Valentine décor (indoor and outdoor)
6. Valentine candles/candleholders
7. Valentine Amore Romantic Gift Set – Bed of Roses Scented floating silk rose petals and tea light candles
8. Webkinz (Valentines theme)
9. Red/pink Kitchen utensils
10. Cook cutters (Valentine/heart theme)
11. Cake molds (Valentine/heart theme)
12. Mini-cake molds (Valentine/heart theme)
13. Valentines Lamps
14. Valentines Platters
15. Valentines dishware
16. Valentines mugs
17. Kindle Fire Accessories
18. iPad accessories
19. Valentine Party supplies
20. Valentine pet presents
21. Valentine clothes
22. Valentine place mats/table cloths/napkins
23. Valentines light bulbs
24. Pen gift sets
25. Hair accessories
26. Gift baskets (spa type)
27. Gift baskets (hobby)
28. Gift baskets (toy themed)
29. Vases
30. Jewelry box
31. Handbags
32. Cosmetics
33. Socks
34. Pink headphones
35. Jewelry trees
36. Picture frames
37. Lingerie
38. Perfume
39. Wall decals
40. Cupcake stands
41. Jewelry/charm bracelets
42. Clothes (Valentine theme)

This guest post is by Kat Simpson. Kat is a respected as a trusted eCommerce speaker, educator, and entrepreneur, Kat Simpson has been a successful eCommerce merchant for over 10 years; is a Certified eBay Education Specialist and Gold Level PowerSeller, who also maintains stores on Addoway, Bonanza,, and iOffer. Currently Kat is the co-host of popular weekly eCommerce Podcast eCom Connections with Karen Locker of Luna Jardin and Mommysbazaar.

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  1. Cheri ' Says:

    Thanks for putting all things Valentine in black and white (and red!) A great read and another stellar performance!
    Yep Kat, you’ve got the knack, which makes you:
    Kat, the Knack Kueen :)
    Please keep publishing great articles like this. The information here is an invaluable asset to all ecommerce sellers and references the most knowledgeable in the business.
    So, Kat…. uh what’s up for President’s day? Inquiring minds need to know!
    Thanks again!