Email Shockers! Things You Didn’t Know You Didn’t Know

Don’t use your email address as the one your customers reply to!

If any of those beloved customers decide to be grouchy that day and report your email as spam, that email address you’ve used is going to be blacklisted by email providers. Specifically the one they’re using, whether it’s Gmail, Yahoo, Comcast, or whatever. You DO NOT want that to be your personal email address! Protect your ability to email your friends by using a “sales@” or an “info@” email with your web address.

Careful with those subject lines!

Even though you own a legit online store, you have a very high chance of going into a spam folder if you use words like “discount,” “sale,” “order” or “shopper.” Email providers have a list of words that they red-flag and don’t let them through easily. Use words and messages that are attention-getting, but not too sales-y. A full, awesome-sauce list of words can be found here.

Don’t send your emails any ol’ time of day!

Think about when your shopper is online. Are they in jobs all day, and don’t check personal email til 6pm or after? Are they checking at their desk? Are they Saturday shoppers? Send your emails when you know people will read them. If your shoppers are 9-5ers or workaholics, there’s a perfect time of day and week when they’ll be at their desks, ready to spend!

Your email open rate doesn’t mean diddly!

Most people using Outlook can already see the email without having to click to open it. So if your email has a low open rate, that doesn’t necessarily mean it wasn’t a succesful email. Check out your analytics instead. Take notice of the clicks within the email, if people are clicking on links to learn more, or visit your website/facebook/twitter page. That’s a much better measurement than whether or not it’s been opened. While you’re at it, when designing the email, design it for user ACTION, even if it’s a small action. You’ll have a much better idea of it’s success.

Test, Test, Test

The things I see the most often with company and corporate sent emails are mistakes. Do you know how to test your emails? It’s not just sending a test to yourself to see how it looks. You need to test EVERY link to make sure they’re all working properly – even the ones that are automatically generated. Go from top to bottom, left to right and make sure every single link is working. Besides not looking professional, a broken link could mean a broken sale! Check for spelling and grammar mistakes as well as broken image links too.


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