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So yes, everyone and their mom is talking about and using Pinterest. Do you need to use it? Or is it just one more tool to take up your time?

Well, Pinterest is super addictive, it’s true. It’s probably because it’s so visual. Pinterest is the latest visual bookmarking site – but it has a great social media element to it as well. You can repin what others have posted, you can comment and like other people’s pins, and you can link your pins to your site and products.

But WHY is it the cat’s pajam? Because it’s the fastest growing website in the history of the internet. Period. And it’s bringing more traffic to websites than Google+, YouTube, and LinkedIn combined. So for that reason, it’s definitely worth your time. And it’s a shopper’s (and seller’s) dream! When someone is shopping, they can look by category and see all the latest pins, and boards. People can also search for hashtags in there (the # symbol that helps follow conversations in Twitter) and because of that, you can tag your product pins with keywords that will help Pinterest’s 11 million users find your stuff.

Yes, I did say 11 million users. And it grew 10% just in the last month!

Assuming you’ve already set up an account in Pinterest, here is some advice on how to optimize your Pinterest for your products – and grab more sales! (If you haven’t set up Pinterest yet – here’s a free webinar and tutorial on how to do it.

1. Pin your products – right from your store. Make sure that each pin links back to the product page, so that you can take advantage of all that traffic.

2. Make sure you allow Pinning from your store – and add a pin button in the sidebar so people can pin right from the page – that way showing off your goods!

3. Pin other things besides your products – but keep them themed with what you’re selling. Make sure your pinboards and what’s coming from YOU is an experience that represents what you’re all about.

4. Try asking people to pin photos of themselves with your products – it’s great social proof and fun to get your customers involved.

5. Keywords, keywords, keywords. Don’t just pin and label the name of your product, use the 500 character description area to make that product searchable.

6. Make sure you add the price! If you put the price in the description, it adds a banner across the left side of your image. It’s a great way to search for gifts and items by price all throughout Pinterest.

7. Be creative. Name your pinboards something unique, pin by color or category, and create a board that’s artistic and interesting as well as sales-driving. With 9 blocks of showing space, you can add pins that purposefully take up the display portion of the board – then you can rearrange your boards to see an interesting display.

For some brands to follow on Pinterest, see West Elm, Gap, Whole Foods, Chobani, and Travel Channel. They’re doing a great job of staying brand relevant, creating experiences, and beautiful boards.

What do you all think of Pinterest? Seen any good traffic from it lately?


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