Tips for the eBay One Day Non-Store Auction Listing Sale Today!

eBay has announced a one-day listing sale for non-store subscribers.
This one-day event includes buy-it-now for free.

For eBay store subscriber, there is an ongoing insertion fee promotion that runs until March 31st.

Tips for eBay Merchants

Vendio support multiple eBay user IDs, so if you do have an eBay store subscription, you may wish to consider opening an alternate eBay account so you can take advantage of these promotions. These frequent promotions, typically target either store or non-store, so by having two accounts, you can really save on insertion fees.

When using buy-it-now, make sure that if your product does not sell, that you remove it from re-list unless you wish to pay the additional buy-it-now fee.
Consider using off-days for duration. The typical duration is 7 days and by selecting 5 days, the competitive field is not as full.

Long-Term Game Plan

eBay runs frequent promotions and you can cut your insertion fees by saving your more expensive items (with higher insertion fees) for the free listing days. On the converse side, if you have long-tail items that are a hard sell, consider only listing them on free listing days.

You may wish to consider opening an eBay store until the end of March if you listing volume can save your more than the store subscription of $15.95.

In your spare time (I know, there is not much of THAT), you may consider entering inventory into Vendio to save for the free listing days. Nothing is more satisfying (and lucrative) than being able to push a button and have a ton of inventory listed to eBay at no cost to you, so getting ready in advance is a great way to take advantage of these promotions.

Bottom line: By taking advantage of these frequent eBay promotions can significantly reduce your spending on listing fees.

Happy Selling!

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