Quick Tips for Awesome Facebook Pages

So since you’re a Vendio customer, you are hopefully taking advantage of selling on your Facebook page. But are you sure you’re “doing it right?” (HINT: Most business owners aren’t sure at all.) There are some tried-and-true ways to being more awesome than most on Facebook – incorporate these for surefire Facebook success.

  1. Short, Snappy Posts. People on Facebook will usually see you content through their feeds, rather than explicitly visiting your page. When you’re appearing in their feeds, it’s best to have short and snappy posts. This helps catch their attention and keep it. Overly long or boring posts tend to lose readership. Share relevant articles to your industry, samples of other’s writing or work, or behind the scenes
  2. Post Regularly. Get people used to reading your content. Try to post on a regular schedule, daily if possible. Since a status update really shouldn’t take more than 5 minutes to write, you can even write it all at once for the week and just post it at the end of the day every day. (You can schedule your posts in advance, using a great management tool called Hootsuite. Check it out!)
  3. Have a Two-Way Dialogue. Get your readership involved. Ask them questions. Have conversations. DO NOT just use your page as a one way outlet of sales, coupons and promotions. Instead, use your page to actually talk to your customers. Give them a chance to express themselves. No one likes that guy at the party who only talks about themselves. Allow reviews, even. Or what they’d like to see you sell.
  4. Encourage Free Speech. One of the biggest mistakes brands make is limiting what customers can and can’t say. Even if customers are posting dissident information on your boards, you should welcome the opposition. Let your readers speak freely. Make sure you address concerns professionally and courteously, but you’ll be admired for your ability to take a hit and keep on ticking.
  5. Respond. If you don’t respond regularly and quickly to comments and questions, people will simply stop responding. On the other hand, if you respond quickly and regularly, people will enjoy participating more and do it more regularly.
  6. Use Multimedia. Don’t just use text. A few years ago, communicating through social media with just text was entertaining and engaging. Today however, to really catch someone’s attention you should use a variety of media, including images and videos.
  7. Be Human. Don’t just be an anonymous brand. Let them get to know you, who you are, what you stand for and your personality. Don’t be afraid to make a joke or let a little humanity come through.
  8. Give Value. Every once in a while, host a contest or giveaway that’s exclusive to your Facebook fans and customers. This helps create reciprocity and increases loyalty. Reward them for following you on Facebook.

Hopefully this will be helpful in getting started and STAYING started on your Facebook page. Please feel free to post any questions you may have about maintaining your Facebook pages. Good luck!

About our Guest Blogger
Jessica Kupferman, Vendio’s Guest Blogger (and winner of our Blogging Contest) is a creative and engaging expert branding specialist, speaker, and gifted social media strategist and designer. Always plugged in to the latest developments and best practices in the industry, you can read more about Jess here.

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