Selling your items on Amazon is all in the “Details”

Today, I wanted to highlight one of the most confusing aspects for merchants beginning to sell on Amazon, particularly if they are coming from the eBay world.
Amazon is product-centric, eBay is typically item-centric. On Amazon, a product will typically have one page and you “hang” your items off that catalog page. Conversely, on eBay, a product can have many, many listings, all with different descriptions, titles and images.

Many merchants will list their catalog item, either through Vendio or directly on Amazon, and they fill in product details, such as description and images and their information doesn’t show up on the product listing page! For Amazon, this is the correct behavior.

If it is a catalog item that Amazon sells, it is likely they created the product details page (the listing page). If it is a catalog item that Amazon does not sell, it is likely that a seller created the product details page. In either case, as a new seller “hanging” off an existing catalog page, you will not get control of the product detail page (which includes description and images).

The upside of this is that sellers do not have to spend very much time creating listings. The downside is “ownership” of the information. Without having ownership of the information, it is your responsibility as the merchant to make sure that the information is always correct, and stays correct. The seller who owns the detail page can change the content at will, leaving you selling products you do not have or selling a product with a different description or image! This is a constant juggling act for merchants.

Another thing that can happen when you do not own the detail page is that the seller who created the original listing can delete their listing AND the details, leaving you selling an item with no description or images!

For sellers new to Amazon, the above concepts can be quite confusing. Let us know your experience!

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