Tips for Maximizing the eBay Store Subscribers List Free Auctions This Week

If you subscribe to an eBay Store, you can list free this week (May 7th – 13th).
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Tips for Maximizing eBay Promotions:

    1. If you do not have an eBay store, its $15.95. If your fees would be less. You “could” subscribe. However, please note, selling “limits” apply, so this may not be a good promotion if you plan on listing 100s of items on a new account or on an account with listing limits.
    2. If you are using these promotions to sell long-tail items (items that do not sell frequently), don’t use automatic relisting, and just wait to relist until the next sale.
    3. eBay frequently runs store vs. non-store promotions. If you believe this will continue, it might be a good idea to have a store user ID and a non-store user ID, so that you can take advantage of both styles of promotions. Vendio supports multiple eBay User IDs, just go to preferences>channels and add your additional IDs)
    4. The majority of auctions are 7-day, you can try 3-day or 5-day auctions to be “out of the pack”.
    5. For future promotions, create a folder specifically for items you want to list for free, when eBay runs these types of sales, you can just bulk launch.

Happy Selling!!

One Response to “Tips for Maximizing the eBay Store Subscribers List Free Auctions This Week”

  1. Brian Yeger Says:

    How’s things?, is anyone able to give information on good free eBay software which can bid automatically just before the auction ends? (I cannot remember the correct term for this. thankyou