Quick Tips to Grow Your Social Media Audience

Here are some quick, 5 minute changes that you can do to instantly grow your audience using social media. Even if you just implement 1 per day, your audience will grow immensely!

  1. Put your social media buttons on all your website pages, so your visitors can follow you whether they’re reading a sales page, your About Us page or any other page.
  2. Include social media sharing and follow buttons in all the emails you send to your list.
  3. Add links to find you on social media in your signature lines. Whether you’re writing an email to a colleague or posting on a forum, include it.
  4. Expand your social media engagement by inviting your subscribers to follow you. People who already like you are more likely to get the conversation going.
  5. Create landing pages on your website to welcome visitors from specific social sites.
  6. Have you customized your Facebook page? Add tabs to grow your mailing list, showcase your content and more.
  7. Did you know that you can use Facebook as your Page and not just your personal profile? Use it to post to Facebook and “Like” other Pages so people can see your page name.
  8. Get and keep more Likes on your Facebook page by offering special discounts and freebies that are only offered to fans of your page.
  9. Most people have Facebook Like buttons on their blog posts, but did you know you can put a Like button on ANY web page?
  10. Facebook Like buttons can add a social boost to your website and give you more exposure, so use them readily.
  11. Make your content easy to share on Facebook by including a Facebook Share button.
  12. Have you considered using a Facebook commenting system on your blog? With so many people using Facebook, it’s a seamless integration for many websites.
  13. Starting a Facebook Ads campaign is easy. Just look at the ads on the right side of the page and click “Create an Adî.
  14. Did you know you can use PayPal to pay for your Facebook ads? Easy-peasy, lemon squeezy.
  15. Keep your tweets well under 140 characters, so you can easily be retweeted.
  16. Join conversations with Twitter users outside your following list by using hashtags on popular topics.
  17. Search for Google+ updates on topics of interest to you and join in the conversation. It’s a great way to make new connections.
  18. Have you told your subscribers that you’re on Google+? Let them know, so you can connect a bit more closely.
  19. Is your Google+ profile link on your website? Make sure your website visitors know you’re on Google+ too.
  20. YouTube isn’t just for posting your videos. Get involved in the community by following like-minded individuals, commenting on and “liking” their videos.
  21. Share your videos on your blog, with your mailing list and on social media. Get maximum exposure.
  22. Use YouTube ads to increase your exposure. Log into your Google AdWords account to get started.
  23. Get more action on your blog. Hold a sweepstakes or giveaway.
  24. Get more attention for your blog posts, through the use of curiosity-inducing headlines and thought-provoking images.
  25. If you want more subscribers to your blog, ask them directly. Remind them about your subscription options in every single post.
  26. Consider blogging as your social media hub. Share your posts, drive social traffic and more.
  27. Start building a relationship with other bloggers by making meaningful comments on their blogs.
  28. Include subscribe buttons on your blog so readers can sign up for updates via their chosen media.
  29. Make sure you have social media sharing buttons on all your blog posts, so, well, your readers can easily share your content.


About our Guest Blogger
Jessica Kupferman, Vendio’s Guest Blogger (and winner of our Blogging Contest) is a creative and engaging expert branding specialist, speaker, and gifted social media strategist and designer. Always plugged in to the latest developments and best practices in the industry, you can read more about Jess here.














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