New! Facebook Page Admin Roles

If you’ve set up Admins for your Facebook, you’ll know that previously every Admin had full control and access of your Page. Facebook has now defined specific roles for Admins that you can pick and choose.

So why is this great? Well, because now you can assign interns specific roles, and your store managers specific roles, and you have specific roles. You can now have “help” on your Facebook pages – it doesn’t all have to be just YOU. What a relief, eh? Even though you stay in charge of it all

To update your Admin roles, first visit your Facebook page. You have to go to Edit Page at the top and then-> Admin Roles

You can either edit an existing Admin and change their role or create a new Admin and specify their role. You can choose from Manage, Content Creator, Moderator, Advertiser, Insights Analyst.

As you can see from the Facebook official help files, they define each of those roles for you (Reference:

Now you can make sure that your Admins only access the areas of your Page that you want them to.

Manage Admin Roles should probably just be you, or you and a business partner/spouse. If someone else has this functionality, they COULD demote you as an admin, if they wanted. You don’t want that! Next down is the Content Creator – this person is someone you’ve hired to write posts, content, and engage with the audience. (This person should be clever, creative, and know how to spell and capitalize.) The Moderator is someone you trust to respond to questions, delete comments that might be inappropriate, but can’t post anything. An intern or helper for your business can help that. The Advertiser role is possible someone you’ve just hired for advertising help – they don’t want or need the responsibility of engaging with your audience, they’re just in charge of running ad campaigns. In larger corporations, this would probably be a role for an advertising agency, but if you have a social media or marketing consultant, this could be their role instead. Insights Analyst, again, could be the role of a marketing intern, or consultant, who wants to see the results and growth of any ad campaigns or your page in general.

If you have others helping you, tell us: does this make your life easier? If not, does this new change encourage you to find help for your Facebook page management? Love to hear from you!

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