EBay’s New Top Rated Seller Plus Program!

The Top-rated seller (TRS) program, is a program implemented by eBay to recognize sellers who consistently deliver a superior level of service to their buyers. As an easy way for buyers to recognize these kinds of sellers, eBay currently places a Top-rated seller badge next to each of the seller’s listings. In September of 2012, this badge will be retired (except in the Motor Vehicle category) and eBay will replace it with a new “Top Rated Plus” seal.


While the Top-rated seller badge and the Top Rated Plus seal still look somewhat similar, the requirements for receiving and maintaining this new seal have changed. You must now meet ALL of the Top-rated seller requirements to receive the new seal next to your listings. This seal will now also appear on the Feedback page as further recognition of your Top-rated seller status.


The first step in achieving the Top-rated seller status is to have at least $1000 in annual sales. This is a change from the previous policy, which required sellers to have a minimum of $3000 in annual sales. Once this requirement is met, you are ready to receive your Top Rated Seller Plus badge next to your listings, if the other requirements have also been met.


You must offer 1-day handling on your items and provide buyers with a 14-day or longer money back return policy. To provide eBay with the proof of the 1-day handling, you are must upload your tracking information or the Delivery Confirmation number for each item that you sell within the stated 1-day handling time.


Since eBay does realize that it is not always possible to have a 1-day handling on all items (as an example, if you sell handmade items that once sold are made to specifications), you may still keep the Top-rated seller status if you offer 1-day handling on at least 90-percent of your listings. This does allow you to keep your status as a Top-rated seller, however, it is important to realize that the new Top Rated Seller Plus badge will only appear next to your items that meet the 1-day handling and 14-day return policy.


It is also important to note that beginning in September, the 20% Final Value Fee (FVF) discount will ONLY be given on those listings with the Top Rated Seller Plus Badge AND only they will receive the maximum boost in Best Match that eBay offers.


To have sellers ready for this change, eBay recommends that you check all of  your items to ensure that your listings will meet the new requirements in September. You can do this  by checking the “My eBay All Selling” page from your Dashboard, or the new “Listing Improvement” section of your Selling Manager. To make these changes, eBay allows you to edit your listings in bulk. This will keep you from having to go through each listing to change your handling fees and return policy individually.


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