Vendio Fall 2012 Seller Release – Available Now!

Vendio is very excited to announce the release of several NEW Features and Enhancements that will increase efficiency and help merchants sell more inventory across channels.

The 9/18/12 Fall Seller Release includes the following:

  • Integrated USPS® Postage Printing
  • Enhanced Inventory Sharing
  • Fulfilled By Amazon (FBA) for Vendio
  • Improved Amazon Match & Publish
  • Scrolling Gallery for Mobile


New Features and Enhancements

2012fall-usps.png  Integrated USPS® Postage Printing

Integrated USPS® postage and shipping label printing is now available directly from the Vendio interface! You can purchase postage, print labels, insure packages, communicate tracking numbers to buyers, and automatically sync the information with eBay and Amazon – AND you can save up to 15% on postage, just by using Vendio!

We have partnered with DYMO Endicia for the most integrated experience available.

Click here to download our Help document.

2012fall-inventory-sharing.png  Enhanced Inventory Sharing

This enhancement modifies inventory allocation strategies and enables sharing of an item quantity across multiple channels—with automatic adjustment of quantities on each channel to minimize the risk of overselling.

We have also made the quantity history log visible from My Items.

Click here to download our Help document and read the FAQ.

2012fall-amazon.png  Fulfilled By Amazon (FBA) for Vendio

You can now monitor changes in Amazon FBA inventory within the Vendio interface along with your merchant-fulfilled inventory.

We will continue to identify new projects to increase efficiency within FBA support, and we invite FBA sellers to contact us with feedback on how we can support you further.

Click here to download our Help document.

2012fall-mobile-gallery.png  Scrolling Gallery for Mobile

Vendio has created the first mobile-optimized Scrolling Gallery that will work on mobile phones and tablets such as iPads. Eight years ago our team of innovators created the first-ever scrolling Gallery, and our new Scrolling Gallery for Mobile now enables cross-selling on mobile devices as well as browsers.

Times are changing—today millions of eBay buyers use mobile devices like iPhones and iPads to shop. Catch on-the-go buyers with the Scrolling Gallery for Mobile!

2012fall-amazon-match.png  Improved Amazon Match & Publish

Amazon Match & Publish already makes bulk-matching items to the Amazon catalog and publishing them on Amazon a breeze. Now you can get your items published on Amazon even faster. Optimized search and results display, as well as improved error handling makes Amazon Match & Publish truly a best-in-class feature.

Our Customer Support team is standing by to guide you along. Please click here for additional help documentation.

As always, please feel free to contact us with any questions or comments.

Best regards,

The Vendio Team

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