5 Free Twitter Tools You Can Use to Your Advantage

There are many, many tools available to you as an entrepreneur to use Twitter to promote yourself and your business. From tracking your influence to market research, from mobile phones to alternate interfaces – it’s all there. And best of all, many of these tools are free. Yay! Here are five free tools you can use to help build your online business.

TwitterMail - Use Email to Post Tweets
TwitterMail is especially useful for people who have phones that can send email, but don’t have an app for Twitter. Basically, TwitterMail allows you to send an email to post to your Twitter account. You can specify when it’ll be posted (e.g. four hours from now). Now you can tweet from anywhere, and you don’t need an iPhone to do it!

Twitscoop – An Alternative Twitter Interface, with a Unique Cloud
Twitscoop allows you to send tweets, receive tweets and manage friend requests without ever having to leave the page. Unlike Twitter, where you’re constantly loading and reloading, Twitscoop saves you time by never needing to reload. In other words, it’s a faster, free, alternative Twitter interface. In addition, Twitscoop also features a unique Twitter cloud that can help you keep track of all the most talked-about topics in the twittersphere. So convenient!

Retweet Rank – How Many Retweets Are You Getting?
When you send out a tweet, how many people in turn tweet that out to their friends? How does your “retweet-power” measure against other Twitter users? Retweet Rank can tell you. You don’t need an account; all you need to do is go to their site and type in your username. Super easy and very informative!

Twitter Grader – How Influential Are You?
Ooh, this one is super juicy. I bet everyone is going to click this one right now and see what their influence is. So, do you want to know how you stack up against other Twitter users overall? Twitter Grader can show you. In addition to stacking you up against other Twitter users, it’ll also offer brief suggestions for improving your Twitter account. Don’t be afraid, take a look! Hopefully the truth won’t hurt.

Qwitter – Know Who Unfollowed You!
Ever wondered who clicked the Unfollow button? Ever wonder how many unfollows you’re actually getting? Just because your follower count is going up doesn’t mean people aren’t unfollowing – you could just be getting more new followers. Qwitter will send you a daily email, showing you exactly who unfollowed you. This can be enormously useful both from a personal perspective (i.e. knowing if someone influential is losing interest), as well as from a statistical perspective (i.e. finding out your average follower retention rate). I love this one because I feel like a highly trained spy. Get rid of those fair weather friends and keep the ones who are going to pay you some attention!

These are a few free yet useful tools available to online entrepreneurs. Why not give them a try today? It won’t cost you anything and can save you hours in the future. Please comment below and let me know what you think!

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Jessica Kupferman, Vendio’s Guest Blogger (and winner of our Blogging Contest) is a creative and engaging expert branding specialist, speaker, and gifted social media strategist and designer. Always plugged in to the latest developments and best practices in the industry, you can read more about Jess here.

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