New Changes at eBay

By now, you have probably seen the first of eBay’s recent changes — its new logo. Although it was a hot topic back in September, the new eBay logo didn’t officially roll out until the first of October. Slick, leaner, and more contemporary than the old eBay logo, the new logo represents eBay’s evolution in the marketplace. Or at least that is what the president of eBay, Devin Wenig said in a letter dated October 10th. In reality, many people have joked about it and made comments that it looks like eBay got a gastric bypass, went on a diet, or that the look of the leaner eBay logo represents the leaner times eBay sellers seem to be facing.

Great new eBay Commercials on YouTube also indicate the ‘new direction.’

Despite these jokes, the new logo appear to be here to stay. What’s more, eBay is actually moving in a different direction and this time it is mobile. Ebay’s plan is to allow buyers to purchase items with ease through a click or touch of their computers, iPads and iPhones. You may have remembered me mentioning this new strategy in September when eBay introduced three new television commercials that were presented to us at eBay Live in Philadelphia.

Although eBay says that this really won’t affect your listings, some sellers disagree. Since mobile users type in fewer words, you really need to make those keywords in your title work for you. Ebay seller, Lynn Dralle (The Queen of Auctions) suggests putting in the keywords that a buyer might search for first. She suggests, that if you are selling a dinner plate you need to list the brand, pattern, and specifics right away. As an example; she would list a dinner plate as “Lenox Platinum Dinner Plate.”

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