Coming Soon: Amazon’s Lockers at Staples & RadioShack

I have to confess that I wasn’t aware of the fact that Amazon had lockers, but apparently they have been around since late last year. These lockers are typically found at 24-hour stores, such as 7-Eleven, Safeway and Walgreen. At the moment, you can only find them in select cities, but with them coming soon to Staples and RadioShack, I’m sure that will most likely change.

Unfortunately, I didn’t find any near me when I did my own search on Amazon, but while researching this article I discovered that Seattle, New York, London, DC, and even some places in California have them. These were apparently Amazon’s ìbetaî testing areas and the testing certainly seems to have paid off.

As you can see from the photo, these lockers are usually a yellowish-orange color (although I understand they can also be gray) and have the Amazon ìsmileî on the front. The process for receiving your package in one of these lockers is pretty simple. When you place an order on Amazon, they give you the option of having the package delivered to your house or you can pick up your item from one of their lockers. Once the item arrives at the locker,you are emailed a code. You then have three days to pick your package up. Enter the code into the Amazon kiosk when you arrive and the door to the locker that contains your package will open up.

Still, there are a few kinks Amazon has to work on, such as there are usually only a small amount of lockers in each place. If the lockers are full, this could delay you from getting your package. Since the lockers are also only big enough to hold packages that are about one cubic foot and are no heavier than 10 pounds, you can’t receive large or heavy items there.

The bottom line though is how this will affect you as a seller on Amazon. Well, think of it this way, a few months ago Walmart’s chief executive in the United States told The New York Times that more than half of the purchases made from were being picked up in person at the customer’s local Wal Mart store. One of the main reasons for this was the convenience of it and also that many buyers like the fact that they can simply walk into the store and pay for their items with cash.

If Amazon plays its cards right, there could soon be a multitude of Amazon lockers in Staples and RadioShacks all over the United States. The convenience of having this option could potentially mean a lot more sells for Amazon sellers and especially for FBA merchants who specialize in selling discontinued or hard-to-find items. If Amazon figures out a way to make their kiosks accept cash, many of us could really see an increase in our volume of sales.

*You can’t see the locker page unless you log-in, so I couldn’t put a link for it. :-(


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