Drop-Offs, Pick-Ups and Same-Day Delivery – Oh, My!

It’s a new year and eBay is already on the go. They have now officially rolled out three new pilot programs for 2013. “Drop-Off”, “Pick-Ups” and same-day delivery. While the first two are designed to entice new sellers to try eBay, the same-day delivery appears to be eBay’s attempt to gain some new buyers by matching some of the services that Amazon has already been offering its buyers.

We’ll discuss same-day delivery in a minute, but first let’s look at the two new offerings for sellers. The Drop-Off pilot program started its test run this past November 26th to December 25th at the Valley Fair Mall in San Jose, California (incidentally this is where the eBay headquarters are). Customers dropped off items they were interested in selling and when they returned to check on their items a registered seller would have an offer waiting for everything the customer had brought. No word yet on the outcome of this pilot program, but it should be interesting to learn more. How does one get to be a registered seller for this program? How does eBay get its percent and how much is it?

The second pilot program involves an eBay employee (or employees) going to a customer’s house and picking up the items from the residence. They then take the items to an expert seller (eBay trading assistant)and the trading assistant attempts to sell the items, making a 25-percent profit if they succeed.

This works out good for eBay because they aren’t having to keep the items in warehouses (think Amazon) although they do have to pay the employees that go out to the houses and a van for them to pick up the inventory that is to be sold.

The third pilot program is one that we have been hearing about for a while and this is the same-day delivery service. At the moment, this service is only being offered in San Francisco and parts of New York. Buyers can place an order for items from stores, such as Macy’s and Toys “R” Us on their mobile devices. Place the order and a few hours later — the items arrive right at their door.

So, what has been the verdict on these three test programs? Although it is still too early to tell, Tricia Duryee, a reporter for All Things Digital, interviewed Devin Wenig, eBay’s president of global marketplaces, who appears to be quite happy with what eBay has seen so far.

I, for one, suspect there is a lot of tweaking to do, so I wouldn’t look for these services to be available nationwide for quite some time, but it should be interesting to watch and see how all of this develops and plays out.

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