Three New Year’s Resolutions for your Amazon Business

The new year is upon us and you know what that means — everyone gets a clean slate. It’s a chance to start fresh with another year and this time get it right. Before we start all anew, however, let’s reflect on last year. Did you like the way you ran your Amazon business? Did you see your sales go up, stay the same, or was the year before better than this past one? If it didn’t quite go the way you planned, here are some New Year’s resolutions to help kick-start your Amazon business and start the new year off right!

1. De-Clutter and Get organized

Look around your office. Is everything neat and orderly or do you need a search party to find anything? Clutter is one of those things that seems to sneak up on us. One day everything is in its place and the next thing you know, there are piles of paper all over your desk and the items you planned to sell are out scattered across the floor.

Resolution: Take a few hours (or a day) and make your working space more manageable. Purge the items that you no longer need, file away those papers piled on your desk, and get those items on the floor in their place, so you can list them on Amazon and get them sold.

2. Set Your Business Goals

Do you know where you are going with your business? If you don’t have a clear definition of where you are going, then how will you know when you get there? Many sellers work to pay their bills, but have no defined plan on what the end results of their business should be.

Resolution: Write your goals down for this year on a piece of paper or create a folder on your computer. Decide where you want to be in three months (each quarter), six months and by the end of the year. Some people find it helpful to write their goals out on a white board and hang it on the wall where they can constantly see it. They update the board when they accomplish each goal and this gives them a better idea of the changes they still need to make. If you are unsure of what your goals should be, try looking at some of your sales reports for last year and plan to increase each months sales by a certain percent. Once you have an idea of what you did for last year and what you want to do this year, the other pieces will start falling into place and you can start making it happen.

3. Research Fulfillment by Amazon

Do you want to take your Amazon business to the next level? Are you running out of room to store all those items you plan to list, but never get around to it? Well, here is the last of the New Year’s resolutions that I would like for you to make.

Resolution: Research Fulfillment by Amazon. One of the most common complaints I hear from sellers is that they aren’t sure what to buy for FBA and that they aren’t really sure how the whole FBA process works. If this is the case for you, then I suggest Steve Weber’s book, Sell on Amazon: A Guide to Amazon’s Marketplace, Seller Central, and Fulfillment by Amazon Programs. It’s an older book printed in 2008, but it will still give you the basic information that you need about FBA to get started. You can also find some information about FBA on Once you know more about it, I’m betting you will want to try it and I think you will have an even more prosperous new year once you get with the program and do it!

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This guest post is by Kat Simpson. Kat is a trusted eCommerce author, speaker, educator, and entrepreneur. Kat Simpson has been a successful eCommerce merchant for over 10 years; is an eBay Education Specialist and Gold Level PowerSeller, as well as a successful Amazon merchant. Currently Kat is the hosts the popular weekly eCommerce Podcast That Kat Radio.

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