4 Ideas to increase your Amazon Traffic

One of the biggest complaints I hear whenever someone mentions Amazon is that a lot of sellers are in competition with other sellers who seem to be selling the exact same product as everyone else. If this is the case for you, you know it can be hard to make your products stand out. It can also limit the amount of traffic that ultimately comes to your page.

A lot of people think that the answer to this is to lower the price of the item to gain more sells, but trust me when I tell you that this usually creates a domino affect of everyone lowering their prices and when that happens — no one wins. Instead, consider these ideas to get your business name out there and increase your Amazon traffic.

Amazon’s Sponsored Product Program: You may remember that I mentioned Amazon’s sponsored products program a few months ago. This program allows you to buy advertisement space directly on Amazon. It is similar to Google’s AdWords, but in the sponsored products program, the ads are kept within Amazon’s own site. You determine how much you want to “bid” or pay (known as cost-per-click) for your ads to appear and when someone does a search, Amazon guarantees that your ad will periodically appear on the search page. The great part about this program is that you can budget your advertising and bid smaller amounts when money is tight.

Video Marketing: Video marketing works best for selling the types of products where the buyer needs to take action. As an example, the item is discontinued and there aren’t many left, or the item is hot and could soon become hard to find. While I personally love video marketing, I have found that the one drawback to this advertising method is that not everyone is completely comfortable in front of the camera. There are also many people that just don’t like recording themselves or  their families. Currently the only way to add a video to your Amazon listing is as a customer review.

Niche Blogging: It is incredibly simple to start a blog these days and when done successfully, you can create a lot of organic traffic. The best part of blogging about a particular item you sell is that it creates a permanent advertisement for the product. Since search engines are constantly looking for keywords, this is one of the most affective ways to advertise your products on Amazon and gain traffic. Plus, as an added benefit you get plenty of exposure as a seller.

Social Marketing: Not only do you get free advertising with Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest, but it is a great way to support your other types of advertising. In most cases, sellers don’t generally talk about the actual products when they Tweet or post it on Facebook, but sharing the links to the products or to your blog that talks about the products does make what I like to think of as a great circle of advertising. One advertisement leads to the other and that advertisement leads to another and so on.

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This guest post is by Kat Simpson. Kat is a trusted eCommerce author, speaker, educator, and entrepreneur. Kat Simpson has been a successful eCommerce merchant for over 10 years; is an eBay Education Specialist and Gold Level PowerSeller, as well as a successful Amazon merchant. Currently Kat is the hosts the popular weekly eCommerce Podcast That Kat Radio.

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