Ebay Makes Updates to Mobile App

One thing you can say about eBay is that they are consistent. Consistent when it comes to change, that is. Just as soon as you get use to something, they decide to change it. Not that all of their changes are bad, but it does get kind of frustrating when one day the information you are looking for on the website is on the left and the next time you look for it, the information has moved to down at the bottom, or even onto another page.

I mention this because eBay actually is in the process of making some changes to their website— again (bigger images and bigger writing!), but the change I’m actually talking about today, however, is the updates eBay has made to their mobile App for iPhones and iPads. Not only is eBay making it easier for people to purchase items through mobile devices, but the changes eBay made this week makes it simpler for sellers to create and upload listings straight from their iPhones or iPads too.

As an example of the changes, uploading the photos is now faster and eBay has made it easier for sellers to add their item descriptions. Ebay also provides step-by-step category selection, along with pricing and shipping guidance. The best part is that you can now start the listing on your mobile device and then finish it out on your PC. This is rather handy for working on listings while you are out and about, but maybe have some downtime when you are stuck waiting for a doctor appointment or under the hair dryer getting your highlights done.

From the buyer’s perspective, there are some notable changes with eBay’s mobile Apps that are pretty sweet as well. Not only is it getting easier to see the descriptions and make bids, but eBay decided to let first-time buyers use their credit cards to make purchases on the mobile devices instead of having to create a PayPal account.

All of this is happening, of course, because more and more shoppers are starting to use their mobile devices to make online purchases. According to TechCrunch, eBay’s VP of mobile Steve Yankovich stated that mobile is really changing the direction of the way eBay members are conducting their transactions. One out of every three shoppers now use their smartphones or tablets to browse listings, even if they actually complete the sale back at home on their PC.

This all comes on the heels of the news that during the first three quarters of 2012, eBay had 1.8 million customers sign-up as members directly through the use of mobile devices instead of through their PCs. The biggest news of all, however, might be that Ebay mobile is now adding an average of about 2.4 million listings per week. That’s a lot of listings! What about you? Have you gone mobile yet?

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