Amazon Makes International Sales a Breeze

For those of you who have always wanted to sell in Japan, but couldn’t because of the language barrier, or simply because of the expense involved with customs and international shipping, your time has come! As announced in Amazon’s FBA January newsletter, they have rolled out several changes which affect international selling. Sellers can now set up a “Unified European” account and sell their items to the UK, France, Germany, Italy and Spain. And now it is easier than ever to sell to Japan. They have created a “Language switcher,” which allows you to change a Japanese FBA site to an English version. The English version of the site features inventory management, help content and reports. Correspondence as well as seller support are also available through the site.

If you are interested in selling on, you can find more information and send a request through their web form. Below is the list of requirements from Amazon to become a part of this program:

  1. You agree not to sell any products containing pornographic or obscene content which violates the applicable guidelines and is prohibited to sell on
  2. You currently have or will open a valid bank account in Japan.
  3. You will provide appropriate customer service in fluent Japanese.
  4. You agree to list yourself as importer/consignee and will not mention Amazon as the importer/consignee.
  5. You agree to pay, if applicable, any and all taxes (including but not limited to consumption tax, and custom and duties), imposed on each order and shipment, and that no customer shall be responsible for paying such tax for orders placed on upon delivery.
  6. You confirm and understand that by having goods and making sales in Japan, you may be liable to tax obligations and that you are solely obligated to comply with all such obligations and Amazon can not provide any assistance with your compliance obligations.

Amazon has stated that even if you do not meet requirements 2-4, they can help you get in touch with outsourced business solutions that can help you meet their requirements.

Are you already listing items through this program? If so, what do you think of it? I believe it is definitely worth a shot. I know when I sell through eBay, a large portion of my sales ended up being international, and international buyers were far more understanding than buyers within the United States. They were more willing to pay high shipping costs, and far more patient while waiting for their items. If you aren’t already a part of this program, you might want to consider taking it for a spin.


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