Amazon’s Inbound Compliance Report Just Got Easier

As any experienced FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon) seller probably knows, the Inbound Compliance report provides information about the inventory that they have shipped to an Amazon fulfillment center. If there is a problem when the shipment arrives at the fulfillment center, Amazon sends an email to the seller and flags the problem in the “Shipping Queue” section of the seller’s dashboard.

Examples of the types of problems Amazon sellers may encounter include barcodes that cannot be scanned, missing item labels, and more units in the shipment than reported by the seller (among others.)

Once the seller is made aware of the problem,  Amazon will coach them through the process, helping the seller along until the problem is fixed.

Any long-term FBA seller will no doubt run into some type of problem that will require them to view the Inbound Compliance report. Up until now, this has been a bit of a headache as the report had to be downloaded, then you had to sort through the items, searching for the one that had the issue.

Fortunately, this whole process just got a whole lot easier. Now all you have to do is click a button and you can immediately view the problem details. You still have to FIX the problem, but at least now you don’t have to take the extra time to download the report and try to find it. And anything that saves some time in your busy day is a good thing!

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