eBay’s Spring Seller Update Brings Big Changes

Remember the post from a while back about some sellers wondering what eBay was up to with their free listing invitations? Well, the cat appears to be out of the proverbial bag because on March 19, 2013, eBay announced some very big changes to their listings that are going to benefit both store sellers and non-store sellers.

First, let’s talk about the new eBay store subscriptions:

Starting May 1, 2013:

  1. Pay no insertion fees on up to 2,500 total listings* per month with an Anchor Store subscription. The subscription fee for an Anchor store has been reduced to $179.95 per month with a yearly commitment and $199.95 for a monthly subscription.
  2. Pay no insertion fees on up to 500 total FREE listings* per month with a Premium Store subscription: just $49.95 per month with a yearly commitment or $59.95 for a monthly subscription.
  3. Pay no insertion fees on up to 150 total FREE listings* per month with a Basic Store subscription: just $15.95 per month with a yearly commitment or $19.95 for a monthly subscription.

Really good news: the above mentioned FREE listings can now be either fixed-price or auction-style. Sellers will also still get 12 free pictures for the listings (eBay Motors is still excluded), and books remain at 5 cents.

The biggest change, however, is the final value fees. After the policy goes into effect, there will only be five final value fees starting as low as 4% and capping out at 9%. If you typically sell more than 50 items a month, these fees are lower than non-store final value fees – so there is some incentive to open an eBay store.

As eBay has acknowledged, many sellers have jumped ship for Amazon and eBay is going to try to win them back. While the eBay store changes are quite significant, the new standard fees are pretty enticing too. Non-store owners still get their 50 zero-insertion fee listings per month, but now they can be fixed-price or auction-style. You still get 12 free pictures, and additionally you can use the listing scheduler for free.

The biggest “ouch” to the entire process comes with the change to the final value fees for non-store owners. Everything will now be based on a 10% final value fee, regardless of the amount. There is a maximum fee of $250, but that 10% is still going to sting (and it might encourage some sellers to go ahead and open an eBay store.)

eBay also wants to emphasize that their pricing is better than Amazon’s, so they have provided sellers with a comparison chart. The one thing you need to be aware of with this, however, is that they have not included PayPal fees in the calcuation, so don’t forget to include PayPal fees into the difference when you are comparing.

These changes are scheduled to go into effect shortly. eBay’s standard fee changes start on April 16, 2013, but store owners will have to wait just a little longer until May 1, 2013 for their changes to kick in.

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