eBay.ca Says Goodbye to eBay Bucks

In Canada, as of March 31 it was “Bye-bye, eBay Bucks” because eBay discontinued the eBay Bucks rewards program on eBay.ca. Ryan Moore, an eBay spokesperson stated that this will not affect the eBay Bucks program in the United States.

eBay has been somewhat vague about what drove them to this decision, but a statement on their website informs members that “after reviewing the effectiveness of the Program, we made the difficult decision to end it in Canada. We want to thank you for being a part of the Program and hope you have found it rewarding.” They go on to say that Canadian members will continue earning eBay Bucks until March 31, 2013 and will be issued a final reward certificate some time in April.

For those not familiar with the program, eBay Bucks rewards members for purchases by giving 2% back as a credit for most eBay items that they purchase. eBay Bucks build up for three months – up to $500 – and then can be redeemed to purchase items on eBay (as long as they are paid for through PayPal.)

While this is sad news for our Canadian friends, it does make you wonder what is in store for the eBay Bucks program in the United States. It is rather curious that the Canadian program is shutting down when eBay’s CEO has told analysts that while eBay Bucks doesn’t really bring new buyers to eBay, those who sign up and participate in the program typically buy five times more than those who don’t.


It makes you wonder if eBay will decide at some point that it is not effective here in the United States either, or if they will modify the program to possibly make it harder to receive the rewards. I suspect we will hear more on this in the future.

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