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What the Heck IS That Thing? Identifying Unknown Items

Monday, August 26th, 2013

Have you ever purchased an interesting item at a yard sale or thrift store even though you had no idea what it was or who made it? If so, you probably started asking for help to identify it from members of your online eBay or Amazon group. Now, what if I told you there’s a [...]

Good News from USPS!

Monday, August 19th, 2013

It’s no secret that the rising costs of shipping have given eBay sellers reason to grumble over the last few months. Recently, however, the United States Postal Service actually gave sellers a reason to celebrate when they rolled out information about sweeping changes to their Priority and Express Mail shipping services. While shipping costs haven’t actually [...]

5 Ways to Find Inspiration for Your Blog

Wednesday, August 14th, 2013

Finding ideas for blog posts can be quite a challenge — even for the most seasoned and experienced blogger. As an online seller, you know that having great content for your blog is critical if you want to draw buyers to your website, but there are days when you’re just not feeling any inspiration. If [...]

PayPal and Coinstar Team Up – Great News for Sellers!

Monday, August 12th, 2013

Most of us have a change jar lying around the house somewhere. Do you have a jar, counter or drawer where you keep your change? Have you ever used a Coinstar machine? If not you’ve probably seen one, because Coinstar machines are located in stores everywhere. For the most part, they are located in large [...]

5 Common Mistakes Online Sellers Make

Friday, August 9th, 2013

Selling “stuff” online isn’t exactly rocket science. Buy low, sell high — rinse and repeat. It can be an excellent way to make a part-time or even full-time income and for the most part, nothing beats working for yourself. It’s not without challenges, however, and there are certain mistakes that many sellers seem to make. [...]

Amazon Discontinues Popular Photo Sharing Option

Monday, August 5th, 2013

It appears there is still a bit of confusion floating around about the fact that Amazon is discontinuing its popular photo sharing option. This confusion stems from an email Amazon sent out on July 15th that stated that Amazon was discontinuing the customer-uploaded image feature.   The email stated:   Hello, On July 15, 2013, [...]

Got a Dongle? Sell it on eBay!

Friday, August 2nd, 2013

It seems that people have been laughing over the word “dongle” ever since it emerged in the world of tech-talk. Lately, it’s mainly eBay sellers who are doing the laughing over dongles (specifically Chromecast dongles) — and they are laughing all the way to the bank.   I have to confess that I am not [...]