Good News from USPS!

It’s no secret that the rising costs of shipping have given eBay sellers reason to grumble over the last few months. Recently, however, theĀ United States Postal Service actually gave sellers a reason to celebrate when they rolled out information about sweeping changes to their Priority and Express Mail shipping services.

While shipping costs haven’t actually gone down, USPS now provides $50 worth of free insurance for the Priority and Express mail services. Additionally, if you use eBay shipping labels and you’re a Top-Rated or Platinum or Titanium PowerSeller, you can get $100 of free insurance. Services like Vendio also offer steeply discounted shipping insurance, which can be used in conjunction with the free USPS insurance.

USPS is also changing delivery times for Priority mail, and in some cases buyers can now receive their packages in as little as one or two days. There are some conditions, however. First, this only applies to domestic Priority mail, not International. Second, you have to have the package picked up or dropped-off by a specific time. So if you come rolling in to mail your stuff right as the postal workers are closing up shop to go home — don’t expect your packages to make it to their destination by tomorrow.

The shipping boxes themselves are changing a bit too. Priority boxes now primarily have red stripes and red writing, while Express mailboxes are primarily blue except for a bright red “Express”. Also note, “Express Mail” is now named “Priority Mail Express”. Since the names are now so similar, changing the look of the boxes will definitely make each type easier to identify.

If you tend to stock up on shipping supplies, you may be wondering if you can still use the same boxes as before. The answer is yes — the USPS will allow the old boxes until they run out. When you order replacements, you’ll get the new boxes.


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