Recent Updates To Our Service – Both Small and Large

Over the past few weeks we have been making changes both small and large so that Vendio will be easier for you to use. The small changes include updates to some tool tips so that they are more helpful, and changing the look of some fields to make it more obvious how they work. You might also notice a change when viewing your orders under “Orders” → “Sold Items”. Going forward our system will remember the tab that you were using last when you visit the page again later. That way if you do most of your work on one of the tabs (such as the “Needing Shipment” tab, for example) then it should start showing as your default.

One of the larger changes that we made was to give you the ability to revise active eBay listings at the time that you save changes to a Vendio inventory item. There is now a “Save & Revise at eBay” button on the “eBay Info” tab of your inventory items that have active eBay listings, and you can use it to apply changes that you make to your inventory item to your active eBay listing at the time that you save the inventory item. Please note that this feature is currently in beta, and not all fields can be revised at this time. Changes to the SKU, description, images, and quantities of the listing will not be applied. We also do not recommend changing your profiles using this method. We hope to expand this feature to additional fields soon! Please take a look at our help article about this for more information.


Another large change that we made is that you can now edit the shipping carrier in no time without entering the order details first. This can be done by going to “Orders” –> “Sold Items”. You will first need to make sure that you have the “Shipping Carrier” column turned on for this page by clicking “View Options” near the top right of your list of orders. Then make sure the box for “Shipping Carrier” is checked. The next time you view the Sold Items page this column should still be turned on. You should now see a “Shipping Carrier” column with a drop-down box that can be used to change the shipping carrier that is being used for the order. Just click on the drop-down box, select the correct shipping carrier, and click the “Save” button near the top center of your list of orders. If you need to see the shipping method that the buyer originally requested/selected you can find this information in the “Shipping Method (requested)” column of the Sold Items page. Please note that the shipping carrier can be edited per package. Also note that with this change the tracking numbers can now be edited per package (previously they were edited per SKU).


The eBay Spring Seller Update Is Here


If you haven’t read it already then you can find the eBay Spring Seller Update here. Highlights include changes to the eBay Guaranteed Delivery program (more sellers will now qualify to be included), and increased protection when you offer free returns and a buyer returns an item that they damaged.


The options that you can choose for your eBay return policy will be limited to no returns, 30 day returns, or 60 day returns. You can still choose whether the returns are free or if the buyer needs to pay for the return shipping. There are exceptions for a limited number of categories. Get a head start on making sure you are in compliance by editing your Vendio Policy Profiles to use one of these options. If you are having trouble making the change please contact us and let us know – we are happy to help!


Changes are being made to the eBay store subscription plans. Some fees are going up, and two new eBay store subscription types are being offered. If you have an eBay store be sure to view the details and make sure you are subscribed to the plan that is best for your business. The look of the eBay store is also changing to be active content-free and HTTPS-ready.


A phased approach is being used with the eBay product catalog. In phase 1 items in certain categories will need to be associated with eBay catalog items before you can list/relist them. The safest way to make sure you are in compliance is to always use an eBay catalog item when listing if there is one available for your item. You can search eBay’s catalog using product identifiers (such as the UPC or ISBN) from within your Vendio account. This can help your business in other ways as well. If you also sell on Amazon, for example, then you can easily match the item to their catalog at the same time that you list to eBay. If you are considering expanding your business to selling on Amazon then you might want to sign up for our next webinar “Tips and tricks to save time while managing multiple selling channels”. It will take place on Wednesday March 28th at 9:30pm PST. Please follow this link to sign up!

Need Shipping Supplies?


Want to streamline your fulfillment process and get shipping supplies delivered right to your doorstep? Here you go!

Need Stock & Easy Money?


If you find yourself running low on stock, or want to try selling a new product to see if it’s profitable, then buy some trending lots on eBay and resell them for individual purchase.


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