Increase your sales by integrating with OpenSky

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eBay’s New Links Policy Goes Into Effect This MonthStarting this month eBay no longer allows links to external (non-eBay) websites within listing descriptions. Don’t worry about any external links that Vendio has added to your listings – we will be taking care of those for you. However, if you have any links that you have added manually to your item descriptions then you will need to remove those manually. We recommend making these updates in bulk through Vendio using a CSV file. If you have trouble making these updates please contact us and we’ll do our best to help.To make sure that your listings comply with this new policy we had to temporarily remove the “click-to-enlarge” or “supersized” images from listings. We have added this back to some of our templates and expect to have it added back to the rest soon. Once more information is available we will be posting an announcement. You may read more about what Vendio is doing to be sure your listings comply with eBay’s new links policy here.Integrate Your Vendio Account With OpenSkyDid you know that Vendio integrates with OpenSky? Take advantage of this strong integration by clicking to open an OpenSky account through your Vendio account. The accounts will be integrated automatically and you can start sending your inventory over to a new channel. We have created Youtube videos that walk you through the process. Please take a look at them here.One way that OpenSky can help you increase your sales is with the new Boost marketing program. With Boost you choose the subscription budget level that best fits your business and OpenSky uses that budget to buy placements for your items. You can read more about Boost here. Let OpenSky do the hard part for you and get your items in front of more buyers!


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