eBay’s Fall 2017 Seller Update Has Been Released


If you haven’t read it yet, you should take a look at the full Fall 2017 announcement from eBay. Highlights include changes to returns and policy updates.


Buyers are being given options to search for products with free return policies, and free returns are being promoted on those listings that offer them. On the down-side, starting in 2018 sellers will no longer be allowed to charge restocking fees for products that offer free returns (you can continue to charge a restocking fee if you do not offer free returns). Starting this month some buyer returns will now be accepted by eBay automatically. The product will need to offer free returns and the buyer will need to pay for the return shipping for this to happen. eBay will also no longer allow return information within product descriptions, but will only allow it in the returns section.


There are some new policies that were announced and the continued enforcement of some previously announced policies. Off-eBay contact info and links are no longer allowed, and http links must be converted to https. Starting the 19th of this month product identifiers must be used for some categories, even if the items are refurbished or used. Looking to the future, in March of next year watermarks will be prohibited, and next Spring it will be required that listings are matched to products in eBay’s catalog.


Do you need help optimizing your listings or getting them in compliance with eBay’s changes? We are happy to help – whether you are having trouble complying with a current policy violation or if you need assistance getting ready for a change next year. Send us a message and let us know what you need. In many cases we are able to help you get your active listings corrected, depending on individual circumstances. Please note that when we correct active listings this only makes the change on eBay. If you are relisting old items or copying old items to create new ones, please be sure to check them first to make sure they comply with eBay’s current policies. If you aren’t sure then the best way to move forward is by copying a newer listing or creating a new one.


Amazon Restrictions For Toys & Games Begin In Mid-November

If you have been selling toys or games on Amazon for over a year then you are likely aware they restrict third-party sales of these items during the holiday season. Starting November 17th third-party sellers need to meet a variety of requirements to be allowed to sell in the Toys & Games store. The restriction will be lifted on January 5th of next year.


The requirements include that you had a sale on Amazon before September 15th of this year, and that you’ve shipped a combined total of 25 or more orders during the months of September and October. You also have to have a low pre-fulfillment cancel rate (1.75% or less) and low late shipment rate (4% or less) in October. Finally, your cumulative order defect rate must be low enough (1% or less short term) as of the beginning of November.


For those stores that don’t qualify, the good news is that you can still sell through FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon) as long as your Amazon account is in good standing. Remember that your Vendio account can keep track of FBA quantities. Just go to the Channels Preferences pages in your Vendio account to set it up.


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