Let Us Know What Topics You Would Like In Our Webinars


We have added some new eBay templates including a few Christmas and generic winter themes. You can take a look from within your Vendio account by going to Items → eBay Templates. Then search for the keyword “Holidays” and view the Holiday templates that are currently offered. If you have any suggestions for other templates that you would like to see added please contact us and let us know.

Click-to-enlarge Images Fully Restored
Due to eBay changes we had to temporarily turn off click-to-enlarge images in order to make sure your listings complied with new eBay policies. This functionality is now fully restored when launching new listings, and also when manually attaching images to listings. Thank you for your patience while we made the necessary changes!


What Webinar Topics Would You Like Us To Cover? Helping you sell and making it easier for you to sell is our passion. We plan on offering webinars in the near future to make selling through your Vendio account even easier. Please help us help you by filling out this short survey and let us know what topics you would find useful. Your feedback is always appreciated.


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