We Hope You Had A Successful 2017!


We Wish You A Happy New Year!From all of us at Vendio, we hope you had a very successful 2017 and we wish you an even more successful 2018! May you have a year full of sales, pleasant customers, and much to celebrate. We’ve already been looking forward to the rest of 2018 and want to share some of our exciting plans for the services we offer.


Last year we upgraded all of our eBay templates and tools to be 100% active content free and mobile responsive. If you have any suggestions for template designs that you would like to see please contact us and let us know.

As part of our plan for this year we did a site-wide review with a focus on making our tools easier to use. This helped us identify different areas of the site that we’ll be working on improving. These include small changes as well as the addition of new features. We’ll be announcing the larger and more noticeable changes as we make them. On the way soon will be the ability to update many of the fields in your active eBay listings through your Vendio inventory items without having to launch new listings.

At the end of last year we presented a webinar on how Vendio works for new customers. In the coming year we plan on expanding the webinars and other help materials to different areas of our site and the ecommerce business in general. Be sure to read this newsletter each month so that you don’t miss one that you’d like to join. Another great way to make sure you don’t miss out is to follow us on Facebookand Twitter.

As you can tell we have a great deal planned for this year, but we are most excited to announce that we plan on integrating new channels for you to sell on through Vendio. We’re not ready to name names just yet, but we’ll let you know once we have more to share. Happy Selling!


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