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Continuing Updates and Improvements To Our Service

We are continuing the process of making updates and improvements to our service (both large and small), and wanted to share a few that were recently added. Changes have been made so that all sellers should now get an email notification when their eBay token expires. When you get a notification letting you know that you need to update your eBay token be sure to do so from within your Vendio account. A valid eBay token allows Vendio to connect to your eBay account and keep your data accurate and current.

Changes were made to tax profiles, which should simplify them and make them easier to use and understand (without removing any functionality). Also, some sellers were having trouble with the image upload options, especially when the images were large and needed to be resized. We made improvements in this area so that the image resize function should now work for all sellers and browsers, including browsers that do not have flash enabled.

eBay Product Catalog Requirements Begin in May


Starting May 1st eBay is requiring that items listed to certain categories are associated with the eBay catalog item. The list of items where this is required starting in May is small, however eBay is planning on rolling this out to many more categories this year and next. You can find the specifics of the changes and which categories are affected next month here. In the meantime, if you are selling items that have product identifiers (such as UPC, EAN, or ISBN) it is highly recommended that you start adding that information to your Vendio inventory items now. That way you can be ready when eBay rolls the change out to the categories in which you sell.

There are a few different ways to add product identifiers to your Vendio inventory items. The CSV file method will be the easiest way to make this change in bulk for most sellers. You can find the option from within your Vendio account here. Using update mode the only data you will need to enter into the import template are the item SKUs, the Product Identifier Type (such as ISBN or EAN – just leave the field blank if you are using UPC), and the Product Identifiers. You can find more information about CSV files and how they work here. As always, if you need help send a message to support and we are happy to assist!

You can also make these changes from the grid on the My Items page by first making sure the product identifier type that you are using is turned on in the default view. To do this go to “Items” → “My Items” → click the “Options” button near the top right of the page → make sure the box for the product identifier type that you are using (such as “UPC”) is checked. Once the column is turned on, you can check the box for “Quick edit mode” near the top center of your list of inventory items. Then double-click in the product identifier box for the individual inventory item where you need to add the data, enter it in, and click the “Save” button at the bottom right of the page.

The other method is to add the information by editing the individual inventory items (or when creating a completely new inventory item). When editing or creating an inventory item go to the “Marketplaces” tab and enter this information in at the top of the page.

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